Saturday, 5 June 2010

Search, Search, Survive.

Martin from the fantastic Number Two's UC blog received a message from a graduate student at University of Washington School of Nursing who is working on a thesis entitled: “Assessing Patient Attitudes Towards Using Information and Communication Tools to Report Inflammatory Bowel Disease Flare-Related Signs and Symptoms”, the overall goal of which is to understand how IBD patients currently monitor and manage their conditions and how they perceive technology could be utilized to facilitate communication with their health care providers.

Unfortunately Martin is unable to post on Number Two's at the moment, so he asked me if I would post the information here. So, read the information below and then, if you would like to contribute, follow the link below. Which just leaves me to say: i) how do people come up with these titles for their theses?! and ii) thanks very much.
The following 30-question survey should take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete. Your responses are completely anonymous. The survey asks questions about your IBD symptoms, how you monitor and manage your IBD and how you would like to be able to interact and obtain feedback from your healthcare provider. Your anonymous feedback will be used to better understand how IBD patients monitor and manage their flares and to assess if technology could be used to enhance this process. Advancements in technology have increased the options that patients have for monitoring and managing other chronic conditions. And hopefully, the information gathered from this survey will eventually lead to the creation of technology that could be used to enhance patients’ abilities to monitor and manage IBD.

Only participants 18 years and older are asked to complete this survey. Thank you for your participation.

For additional rights about your rights as a participant in this study, please fell free to contact the University of Washington Institutional Review Board Office at or via phone at (206) 543-0098.


Arkayeff said...

Very interesting. I took the survey, hope it helps.

Rich said...

Yes, I did too. I found it quite thought provoking...

Arkayeff said...

How goes?