Wednesday, 16 September 2009

I want to break free...

I have ordered Guy Cohen's book (available on Amazon) and I have downloaded the free relaxation therapy session with Geoffery Glassborow... I have made a step down a new road.

But I haven't started yet. This is a big deal for me. I want to be rid of UC. I am utterly indoctrinated by contemporary western medicine. I am trying to open my mind. Quite successfully as it happens. And you know what? All the people I care about with whom I have discussed giving Guy's therapy a go have been... really supportive. To the degree that it has almost brought a tear to my eye. Even the lads, as jaded and cynical as me, have said "you've gotta give it a go mate".

Challenging and changing a belief system is not easy. Once upon a time, right up to the mid-UC days, when the doctor said 'jump', I quickly asked "how high?". Slowly, and painfully I have learned to trust my own ideas too. I would never dismiss medical advice out-of-hand, but actually I have to admit that I have a sound knowledge base about this disease, and, perhaps more importantly, I have the best understanding about how it effects ME. And so I have moved from the man who asked "how high?" through the man who asked "why do you want me to jump? Explain to me the jumping thing again...", past the man who suggested "actually doc, I'm not convinced by your argument for jumping, perhaps I could try hopping instead?" right up to the man who states "Ok, doc, this jumping thing definitely does not feel right for me, the outcomes are all wrong and the side-effects outweigh the benefits,  so no, I won't jump...". And, of course, the doctor then decided he'd maybe been a bit hasty and that it was far too early for jumping.

Getting to the point where you feel empowered enough to speak up for yourself in the face of inappropriate treatments and/or drugs is one thing. But, opening your mind to a whole new way of thinking (albeit one that is fairly easy to see the benefits of) is a whole other matter. I've done it before though. I tried acupuncture when my associated arthritic problems were at their worst, and for three years it seemed to work wonders. I arrived at that treatment as a cynic, but told myself 1 billion plus chinese can't be wrong, and actually found it one of the most peaceful and relaxing treatments I have ever had. And spent nearly 3 years on no drugs whatsoever. Make of that what you will.

I was explaining my current decision to someone who's knowledge and experience in the world of psychology are thorough... testing the water, if you will. Someone who's opinion I value. And, of course, they were very supportive. But, more than that, they really struck a chord, and flicked my motivation switch when they postulated the idea that if I was even just considering giving this treatment a go, then I was already opening my mind...

I have felt better in the past few days than I have for ages. Not just UC-wise, but in general. Perkier, optimistic, more energetic, dare I say even happier... just because I feel more positive. I feel in control, because I have decided what to do. I have read plenty of nay-sayers and negativity-mongers. I have thoughtfully considered the power of placebo. And, ultimately, what really matters is how I feel. And I feel good.


Paula said...

Good on you..I did the same the free download (did you fall asleep about 12 mins into it? I had to replay it to hear what he said...and actually I feel asleep the next time also :D ..dead relaxing) ordered Guy's book...should be here in a day or so as it was despatched earlier than expected...saw a huge improvement in my UC within the first week and today I nearly even felt back to normal...just ordered some wheatgrass tablets and I'm going to give them a go when they eventually get here, but definitely think that positive thinking is the key...haven't been able to do the rewind technique Guy talks about, but I don't have a great imagination that way..will wait and see what else he says in his book though. I have however come up with something else...and that is to say all the stuff out loud that annoys me to my husband...wonder how much he can take :D ... I'm a woman after all..and finally a bit of deep breathing when I remember as I read someone this is a good way to get rid of negative's free so why not :D

You take care

Skinny Girl said...

Glad to hear you are feeling so great! I'm also glad to see that you are trying out Guy's method. I think that between you and Martin and Paula we all can get a good feel for how well it works. Sorry, I am probably one of those that wrote negative comments you read. I'm trying to be more open. I absolutely believe that a positive attitude can make a world of difference and a difference in the world, so keep it up!

Rich said...

Hey Paula, I'm glad you are feeling so good. I really haven't felt as good for a long while - I am sure it is about taking back control, I have been in a UC rut for quite a while without really realising it. I have yet to start the Guy stuff in earnest, but I am going to give it my full, best shot. I Like the idea of telling your hubby all the stuff that annoys you... he may have to borrow the relaxation tapes!

Hi Skinny Girl - I totally agree with you, the only way we can find out how good Guy's theories are is to try them. I'll be glad to give people a true reflection of what is happening to me. Don't worry about being negative - I have to say I don't remember any of your comments being negative. These things have to be discussed, everybody is entitled to an opinion about them, but they also have to be tried... just like the conventional meds we've all tried. I have thought a great deal about all of this and I really cannot see anything detrimental that could come out of it. It's another possibility and I'm going to go for it.

Stay positive!

Paula said...

ahh..remember I said that I was going to tell my husband everything that annoyed me..well he thought that it worked back for him too...only he's annoyed at a football match tonight..Celtic verses Hapoel Tel-Aviv...doohhh...that isn't exactly what I had in mind