Thursday, 27 August 2009

J'N'Attends Plus Rien

Holiday leads to inertia leads to blogging hiatus. Such is August. My month for tuning out and dropping off.

Fabulous week in southern France was almost totally uninterrupted by the ol' UC. The worst was two days of the most enormous flatulence. Two whole days in which the frequency was only matched by the ferocity. And, sadly, the smell. Not so bad, unless, like I, one of the days is the 12 hour drive from home to rented gite... which you are also sharing with another family. Fortunately they are fully au fait with my damned bowel. Bless 'em. The only other toilet related incident was an enormous flood, when the cistern blocked up one night. First up, I descended the stairs into the darkened, quarry-tiled ground floor to find myself ankle-deep in water! Being british, we embraced the dunkirk spirit and stoically mopped it all up, sealed off the toilet and never spoke of it again... Bloody good show, what?

Having analysed what I ate, I have come to the conclusion that the wind was caused by a bag of nuts and raisins I shared with my lovely wife. A shame, cos I like snacking on those. Another to add to the list (many people have warned me off both nuts and raisins before, but until now I have had no problem). During the worst of the wind - during the first evening of the hol - I very successfully employed the old 'colon massage': lie on your back and, starting from the approximate beginnings of your colon, massage in circular movements, slowly following the path of your colon all the way up and round, until you reach the other side/end. Upon which you travails are greeted with a fruity parp. Lovely. Very satisfying actually.

Since returning I have been summoned to the hospital for a chest x-ray (remarkably rapid) in preperation for the infliximab. I have also recieved an appt date, 10th sept, by which time they want me to have made up my mind. Unfortunately this is unlikely. Or I'm going to say no. For now...

Last week I had a chat with a friend of mine who has crohns . He went on infliximab earlier this year but had a rapid negative reaction - he is asthmatic, so the reaction was not a terrific surprise. Subsequently he has been put on Humira, which is constructed from fully human antibodies, rather than human/mouse (infliximab) and is doing very well. So, there's something else to look into.

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