Monday, 6 July 2009

Home again.


I'm back. And it was shit. However, it was the kids wot ruined it and not my bum. So, how did the UC stand up to a bit of travelling?
  1. Avoid local water - I'm sure that spanish water is pretty good these days, I wasn't gonna chance it, so bottled water all the way.
  2. Don't get too adventurous with the local cuisine. Much against my natural philosophy (plunge headlong into local customs...) I decided to miantain as plain a diet as possible. This was made easier by the hotel providing food they deemed necessary to placate fussy British teenagers... I even had chicken nuggets one night! I can't remember the last time I ate those...
  3. Attempt not to eat too many olives despite them being tantalisingly close at hand every single day...
  4. Carry a toilet roll with me at all times. As it happens, all the spanish public toilets I visited were pretty damn clean and lovely.
  5. Smoke one cigarette a day. It may all be in the mind, but I swear it helps. Anyway, there's a cheeky thrill to be had by sneaking off for a puff every night.
  6. Release build-up of inevitable stress by shouting at ridiculously ill-mannered and ill-behaved kids at least once very day.
  7. Use codiene based pain-killers to induce constipation before both flights.

The weather was bloody hot (worked overtime to keep myself hydrated) - but I was disappointed to find that was also the case in dear old blighty. Much geography was experienced and learned, despite the best efforts of the lazy little buggers. I met soem lovely people and saw some fabulous places, so I shouldn't complain too much. And my bottom behaved. Bueno!

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Whittles Wobble said...

Yaaay! I'm so glad your trip went well! And yes, I had read a study somewhere that said people who smoke cigarettes tend to suffer less symptoms of UC. Still, I'm not convinced to start smoking. I like my lungs niiiice and pink. When the UC finally makes me kick off, at least I'll be good for organ donating Just have 'em keep away from the intestinal area. :P