Tuesday, 16 June 2009


This weekend I have enjoyed a family camping trip. We did not go far, just to the Witterings, south of Chichester, where we stayed at a campsite called Stubcroft Farm (I recommend it). Here we met up with my brother and his family and in the fortuitously lovely sunshine relaxed while the kids ran round and round and round...ad nuseum - except for Boy1 who mainly mooched in a moody adolescent stylee. We also enjoyed the almost mediterranean delights of West Wittering beach. That'd be mediterranean in the sandy and covered with pink-to-red brits sense of course.
The only consternation in a very pleasent weekend was caused upon the discovery of the toilets. This was a campsite with a 'sustainable' bent, and thus sported composting ecoloos. I reproduce pictures and a description below:

Composting Ecoloos
We have six environmentally friendly "ecoloos" on the campsite field, which save between 1000 and 2000 gallons of water on a busy summer holiday weekend. Over a season this amounts to many hundreds of thousands of gallons of water saved. It is estimated that water depletion due to abstraction, has caused lowering of UK water tables and over 7000 rivers and streams to dry up in the UK over the past 75 years. As well as saving water, they do not generate any sewage to pollute the environment. It is estimated in the UK that we generate 7 billion gallons of sewage a day. Most of this is discharged into rivers and the sea after treatment, but the effluent still contains much that contributes to pollution of our rivers and coastal areas. The ecoloos are completely self contained and the final compost is used to grow trees & hedges, producing a long term carbon sink. The ecoloos are built from renewable wood and also lit by solar power so are completely self contained.

A very noble toilet facility I'm sure you'll agree. Except that for my lovely wife (who is not a hardened camper), and my brother's girlfriend, the idea of sitting on, essentially, a glorified plank over a MASSIVE pile of other people's poop was not entirely welcome. However, their consternation paled into insignificance when compared to Boy 1 who was utterly horrified and literally moaned about it for at least 2 hours, as though I had personally nipped down earlier and erected them myself purely for the purpose of torturing his sensitive teenage inhibitions. I wouldn't mind, but he's no friend to hygiene anyway... As for the youngsters, well, it was more a case of trying to keep them out of there; why is it younger children have some compulsive fascination with public lavatories, regardless of their odour or cleanliness - oh, to be that carefree. (My brothers eldest son, 8, later walked round another public loo in bare feet, which practically had my OCD crippled body writhing in disbelief...)
And my trusty bottom? Shut up shop for the entire weekend, so I never had the opportunity to sample delights of pooing in a composting ecoloo... never mind.

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Whittles Wobble said...

It might be the hillbilly in me, but by darn I love those plank-over-poo-filled-hole types of toilets. No pretenses. You get to see what other people are up to and not feel so bad when you're adding to the pile. They also seem to stifle noise much more effectively than your average bathroom stall. I must also add that you are a brave soul; for I have not ventured onto a campsite for the weekend since diagnosis, 2006. Kudos!