Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Something in the air

To borrow a well used phrase from the kids at school: Oh. My. God.

This morning I awoke at about 7ish, got up and stumbled to the bathroom as is the norm. Emptied my bladder and blearily returned to the bedroom. As I opened the door and stepped in I choked upon the thick fug I'd unknowingly been creating throughout the night. You could have cut it with a knife...

Yep. The salazopyrin gives me wind. Enormous, endless, milk curdling, death-inducing wind. Gas that would not have been out of place in Vietnam - Agent Brown. This is the second night/morning running, with no discernable changes in diet. It has to be the salazopyrin. Of course the trouble with wind in the UC sufferer is our reluctance to let it out. Dare we? Every release involves such a carefully controlled relaxation of muscles, always ready to tense in an emergency. It is this that lead to a sleep free night Monday: just as you're drifting off... the anti-follow-through alert kicks in. Not so bad last night, I think I was knackered.

My wife says not to get downhearted. She thinks its just my body getting used to the meds. She thinks it'll settle down. I want to believe her. The problem is I'm only taking 1 tab a day at the moment. I have to build up to 4. If 1 tab does this, I fear 4 may cause some sort of explosion. This mornings toilet experience was a little looser too. Boo.

I've checked the drug notes - no mention of flatulence. So, does anybody out there have experience of salazopyrin? I know we're all different, and god knows these drugs they give us are hit and miss with no consistency between patients, but I'm hoping somebody can offer a thought...


msmachine said...

I have no experience with this! I do understand the tight hold we must maintain on the release of gas though. I haven't let anything go outside of the bathroom for months.

Your wife sounds amazing! Listen to her. Give your body some time to adjust and be careful close to open flames.

Rich said...

Yeah, trying to listen to her - but, you know, all those negative voices in my head... Fighting them off as usual.

Taking the tip about naked flames though, cheers!