Friday, 24 April 2009

If I have to go.

Once again my ludicrous internal workings bemuse and befuddle. Tuesday morning I saw myself off to school with a parting shot that was no more than a 4 on the stool charts (the shit parade, if you will...) and spent the rest of that day with that old nagging fear, waiting to make some convulted excuse to leave a class unattended, or hurridly negotiate with a TA (teaching assist) over leaving them in charge (lots of them don't like that - beyond their job description or something), and leg it to the loo. But... it didn't happen. A happy uninterrupted day. And then another (cramps subsided completely). Then another. And, indeed, another! In fact, I haven't been to the loo since that tuesday morning!? And because I was feeling better I have been eating more or less normally too. Which just leads me to wonder: where the hell is all that food? There can't be room for four days worth of food in there surely? Still, it sure beats the alternative.

The first week back has been relatively painless. In fact, many colleagues have been more than sympathetic in their concern for me - absence gets your name on the cover board, so the whole school knows straight away. Many people stopped to ask how I was as most either know about the UC (I'm such a BORE!) or my spells in hospital last term. Which is very nice. One senior colleague even stopped me to have a chat because she had been recently diagnosed with crohns. It felt good to be able to offer a little advice. I definately think it helps to be open about what's wrong with you.

So, to celebrate the arrival of the weekend we popped out for dinner with the boys. We decided to try a new Jamie Oliver restaurant that has just opened in Brighton. Excellent food, good for kids, and very reasonably priced considering it's trading under a 'name'. But most important of all: lovely toilets. OK, it's new, but nevertheless I had a little look in the cubicles when I went for a wee, good solid doors, no gaps at top or bottom, exceedingly clean, lovely old antique-looking porcelain bowls with a victorian style cistern and flush. Somebody really put some thought and care into these babies - thanks Jamie. Shame I couldn't muster anything up to deposit...

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