Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Doctors and Dealers

Three points of interest today.

Firstly, I went to see my GP to discuss hospital plans and get prescriptions for prednisolone and the other stuff (cannot remember the name of it at all). Noted, not for the first time, how much my GP reminds me of the Incredible Hulk. Not the drawn charcter from the Marvel comics, but the old 70's TV version played by Lou Ferrigno. This chap:

He's not green, and clearly does not conduct his consultations just wearing a pair of shredded pants, but he has the same square face and bulky, gym created body. Perhaps he stood too close to the X-ray machine in med school. Whatever, I try not to make him angry...
Secondly, I went to the chemist (again - they eye me suspiciously, perhaps rememering the massive bag of drugs I brought in yesterday...)to pick up said preds, and I encounter two note-worthy things:
2.1 (I'm sub-dividing the the chemist based observations to ensure it adds up to the promised three points of interest) - my steroid prescription was written up to indicate the tapering I have to do as I increase the dose of the other stuff, the target being to stop taking them. With this in mind then, I was amused to find the chemist insisting I take a 'steroid card' - a card to carry about your person in the case of a medical emergency, thus informing paramedics, doctors etc that I am on steroids which must not be stopped immediately. This was a source of amusment because a) I have been on them for a year or so (plus several other occasions in the past) and nobody has ever even mentioned this card to me, and b) they just printed out a label that clearly shows I have to taper the dose, i.e. I'm about to stop taking them. Doh!
2.2 You can get sugar-free methadone! Whilst waiting I listened in to the pharmacists converstaion about what was in stock. There was some consternation that they had run out of sugar-free methadone and only had the the good-old sugary version left. Surely, surely, people trying to get off heroin don't care whether their methadone is calorific or not? Or are they worried about their teeth?


Charlotte said...

Can't believe you haven't been given a card for the steroids. You need to keep it on you whilst you take them and for six months afterwards. If you were admitted to hospital as a result of an emergency they would need to know you were on them as they can interfere with some drugs/procedures and your body's ablity to cope. You should update your dose as you change it.

Tedious but you never know.

Rich said...

Nobody's even mentioned it to me before! Thanks for letting me know about keeping it for 6 months afterwards - nobody told me that either!

And thanks for the message charlotte, it's nice to know you're reading.