Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Chemical World

I chickened out of starting the new stuff.

But I did sort through my gargantuan pile of unwanted drugs, in order to return them to the pharmacy from whence they came. Here they all are:

Hmmm, that seems quite a few. And includes:

The Evil mercaptapurine ((6MP). Now, I kept the information leaflet for this one (I know, I'm mental). It says: "This belongs to a group of medicines called cytotoxins (also called chemotherapy)." Yep. Chemotherapy. Bloody Hell. No wonder 1 dose made me ill. In the 'What is this drug use for' section it only mentions leukaemia. Nothing else. That is serious stuff.

And also:

The only-slightly-less Evil Azathioprine. This one took just over two weeks to put me back in hospital. Ahhh, a week in the MASU behind A&E... lovely. I haven't kept the info leaflet for this one, although I'm pretty sure it at least mentioned IBD's as diseases treatable by this stuff. I'm told they don't use it in the States any more though. They go straight to 6MP. Erk.

Anyway, back they all go. Wonder what they do with them?


Martin said...

Apparently they send unused drugs to third world countries. Even the out of date ones. A nurse told me that.

Rich said...

Oh god! Now I feel responsible for some poor sod in africa somewhere taking those dam mercatopurine tablets...

Actually it is a sorry symptom of the sickness that is globalisation isn't it - patent the drugs so that no LEDC can afford to produce a licensed version, and then sell 'em our out of date ones.