Monday, 29 September 2008

Don't believe the hype

At the Tory party conference today the Tory health spokesman Mr Andrew Landsley announced plans to create the option for anybody going in to hospital for planned care to have a single room.


I would also like:

  • to see the same consultant every time I go to gastroenterology
  • to wait less than 4 months for my 'rushed through' appointment to discuss azathioprine (still waiting...)
  • to have access to drugs and therapies that are not yet even being considered by NICE
  • not to be told by a consultant that he can't help me unless I do exactly as he says even when I have serious reservations
  • to be able to get a prescrition from the hospital rather than having to make appointments with my GP that are a minimum of 2 weeks away
  • to not have to experience the farce that is sitting in front of my consultant while he dictates a letter to my work, which he then emails to SOUTH AFRICA to be typed up and posted back to the UK...
  • to get a blood test without having to wait for over an hour clutching a Tesco-deli ticket
  • to have an appointment for an x-ray/scan that does not involve a wait of hours
  • better pay and conditions for my wife - a nurse (yes, we are the classic key worker family)
  • and so on and so on and so on ad infinitum.

And while he's at it he can bloody well go and find a cure for UC. I am not a Conservative voter. But I am not happy with my experience of the NHS as a sufferer of chronic illness.

The NHS, in my opinion, is much like the current economic situation - a hugely important issue used as a political football. Instead of cheap, and indeed faintly ludicrous, point-scoring opportunities isn't it about time political parties worked together to reach a solution instead of vacuous polemic and rhetoric?

It's not staying on a ward with other people that bothers me, it's the inexorable demise of our health system.

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