Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Bone machine

Aha. Messrs Brown and Cameron must have read yesterday post...

Visited the GP this morn to get more drugs. I should have reduced my pred dose to 5mgs a day by now (and therefore have some left) but all is not well in the world of the bowel. Not awful (I have yet to completely refuse to fart), but not good, not right, and most importantly not solid. So, I waited for an appt with my usual GP to avoid the complex issue of persuading a less familiar doc that I am capable of deciding for myself when I need more steroids, rather than speaking to a consultant first. Fortunately the doc agreed and gave me a prescription for enough preds to last until the beginning of Nov, when I have another appt with the rheumotologist, at the current 5/10mg dose. Although after the most recent visit to the bathroom I may just have to up that to 10 mg a day. Mmmm, I'll give it a few more days.

What was new, though, was an extra concoction of drugs. My GP was concerned that I had been on the preds for a while (about 4 months, though pretty low doses), citing worry about weakening my bones, particularly as he seemed pretty intent that I was a 'fit young chap'. Does 35 still count as 'young'? So to counter this he has also prescribed me Fosamax and Adcal-D3. The adcal stuff is just a vit D supplement, so no great fears there, but the Fosamax is some sort of bone strengthening stuff (some sorta acid, I forget exactly what now), and so I read the possible side effects and 'when not to take this medicine' stuff as usual. This included instruction not to take if you have/are suffering from stomach problems including ulcers. Ulcers. Ulcers. Ul-cer-a-tive colitis... Bum. Both the doc and the chemist assured me that this was strictly related to the upper digestive system - the doc looked it up on the computer and the chemist looked it up in her little black book. But the seed is sowed...

Anyway, they didn't have in the chemist, so I 've ordered it. Excellent news, as this means I can delay any decision for at least, ooooo, a day.

Interestingly, it also instructs you to take it 30 mins before breakfast and stand upright for that period of time. But only once a week.

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