Sunday, 3 August 2008

What's Goin On?

The return of the Bristol Stool Chart. It has been 4 weeks since I had my last appointment at the hospital (in rheumatology). An ideal time to consider the current sate of affairs.

1. Prednisolone. I am taking 10mgs every day for the final time today From tomorrow, as discussed with the consultant, I am changing to an alternating 10 - 5 mg dose. This is good because I am sick to death of the shakes and the spots. This is not good because, as usual, up to this point everything has been hunky dory... but now...

2. Poop. 4 weeks ago things were somewhere around Type 1 or 2 (like nuts!). Then I started the probiotics, wherein they went to, ooooh lets call it a 4.5 (for artistic merit). This I took to be my bodies usual mentally stimulated resonse to change (I think my physiology is the perfect representation of a blue-rinse tory: doesn't like change and doesn't like foreigners). Things stabilised and I've had a good two and half weeks of 3/4's. Lovely. But, this also lulled me into a false sense of security - oh, how easily I'm swayed by olives, pickled onions, Thai curries etc. This final week has consequently been a mixture of 4 and 5's again. But then, that might be normal, I've forgotten what that is...

3. Yoghurt. Firstly I can't make up my mind how I want to spell this - with or without an 'H'? I started on the Activia and then moved on to the Muller Vitality as I was informed of their PRO and PREbiotic attributes. There is not much I can say about these. During the period of 3/4's I was taking them regularly, and after the initial bloatedness all seemed well. Then last week, as described above, things not so good. But crucially, I got a bit lazy, and when I ran out of yogs I couldn't be bothered to go and buy more, so I stopped having them every day... Well, I don't know if that would make much difference... Also the vanilla ones are infinately better than the strawberry ones.

4. When I've changed the steroid dose, I have to go and have another blood test. Joy.

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